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History of Bedford


Twin brothers, Howard and Steven Pezim, founded The Bedford Consulting Group from humble yet entrepreneurial roots. With a deep family history in the recruiting business, the Pezims sought to revolutionize the Canadian search industry by combining bold and innovative approaches from around the world to pioneer game changing methods of direct, research-based executive search.

The Bedford Consulting Group partnered with their first major client, General Electric, earning a reputation as trustworthy, credible partners in talent management and recruitment. During the same period, Howard and Steven Pezim established the Bedford Resources practice, currently led by Frank Galati.


The Bedford Group, continuing in its mission to support the success of global businesses through executive search and talent management, reinvents its approach through a strategic partnership with its Chief Leadership Advisor, John Burdett. This relationship was the birth of what is known today as the Orxestra Method.

The Bedford Group becomes the Toronto partner of Transearch International, expanding its global footprint and strategic alliances through a global executive search organization operating in nearly 40 countries. By 2005, Bedford is awarded Transearch’s best performing office, a recognition Bedford that has continued to be honoured with numerous times in the years following.

As the cultural setting evolves, so too have the tools. In order to adapt to the changing applications of technology in business and talent management, John Burdett continues to refine the Orxestra Method’s holistic search model to evaluate leadership fit and is now on the fourth iteration of key Leadership Competencies.

With his appointment to Transearch International as Leadership Advisor, John Burdett’s Orxestra method is exported worldwide, establishing Bedford-born best practices across 60 global offices.

With over 5000+ searches completed to date, the Bedford Group has a strong history of pioneering new approaches and positively pushing the envelope with respect to solving our client’s most critical current and emerging talent acquisition requirements.

The world and corresponding leadership requirements continue to rapidly change but the one thing that remains steadfast, is our commitment to outstanding customer service and providing strategic counsel on our clients most critical talent management requirements.


Our Strategic Partners

Strategic Human Capital Partners

Teal and Co. is an innovative boutique Talent Strategy and Human Resources consultancy that provides a customized suite of services and solutions in organizational effectiveness, leadership development and assessment throughout Canada and the United States. Teal is Bedford’s exclusive partner when delivering talent management services to our clients.

SalesChoice is an AI SaaS-based predictive and prescriptive analytics company that increases the performance of business-to-business sales.

Bedford’s strategic IT partner Litcom provides business technology consulting services. Litcom supports business owners and senior executives in transforming their business by more effectively leveraging their investments in IT and to help CIOs improve the overall performance of their IT organization and function. Through this relationship, The Bedford Group is enabled to deliver leading edge talent management solutions in the rapidly evolving field of technology.

Bedford Group is a proud member of the Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC), the worldwide professional association for retained executive search consulting firms.

SmartAssessment® is the most rigorous executive assessment tool used by Fortune 500 companies to identify the right person to drive the financial performance of a business. It is the most accurate predictor of talent performance known, reporting a greater than 90% success rate for the new hire against predefined expectations.

RHR International is comprised of a strong team of psychologists and consultants who provide world-class CEO assessments, utilizing personal interviews and state-of-the-art psychometric tools.

We use an independent third party to audit our process from both a client and candidate perspective to ensure we are continuously improving and providing best-in-class candidate and client satisfaction.

Assessment Tools

We have strategically partnered with these three subject matter experts in leadership assessment
to ensure that your new leaders expediently deliver quantifiable results.

Why do you do what you do? The Hogan assessments help your people understand the personality characteristics that impact behaviour. Understanding the underlying work style traits, core values, and derailment risks allows one to manage his/her behaviour to increase workplace success. The Hogan assessments identify characteristics that may impact an individual’s job performance as well as his/her fit within your team or organizational culture.

With The Birkman Method, we help people understand how individual differences in perception and interpersonal dynamics have far-reaching impacts on your team’s relationships, performance, and morale. Your team members and leaders are empowered to improve communication, strengthen understanding and achieve the best organizational success possible.

Relationships play a direct role in organizational and team performance. It is not the lack of knowledge, skills, or motivation, but the mismanagement of relationships that creates the greatest cost to organizations. This conflict impacts every aspect of your business – from board and executive relations, to customer relationship management, supplier partnerships, and employee and labor relations. Using TotalSDI’s suite of assessments, we get to the root causes of these issues in order that people can make meaningful, sustainable changes in how they lead and work with one other.

Using The DiSC® model, we help your people to better understand themselves and to adapt their behaviors with others. DiSC profiles help you and your team learn how you respond to conflict, what motivates you, causes stress and how you solve problems. By recognizing your team’s communication needs, working relationships are improved and managers are more effective when they understand their employee’s style and priorities.