Talent Scouting, Succession & Strategy

Progressive Boards and Senior Executives are increasingly required to deal with a multitude of contingencies regarding their senior management team. Proactively, Bedford Group answers their requirements by preparing an in-depth, customizable Talent Scouting Research Report well in advance of their annual talent review. This report provides the Board and/or Senior Executive Leader with a pragmatic and independent lens on key external talent and helps to proactively shape the organization’s talent management agenda.

Multi-dimensional review of each role at your company, its development and future leadership requirements.

Full talent-scouting research report developed with your critical senior leadership team members in mind, including detailed profiles and Bedford’s unique market insight on key North American and global talent.

Proactively build relationships with top talent through discreet yet transparent meetings arranged by The Bedford Group with selected candidates.

Real-time benchmarks for your internal talent, enabling you to fully assess their capability compared to the best talent in the marketplace.