Legal, Compliance & Regulatory

The legal market has evolved significantly in the past decade. As regulatory demands intensify and governance scrutiny increases, there is an escalating requirement for exceptional legal professionals with diverse experience. Their counsel is fundamental to achieving core business objectives. CEOs and Boards are relying on General Counsel and experts from law firms for strategic advice on everything from enterprise risk management and M & A, to partnerships, privacy issues and cybersecurity.
At Bedford Group Transearch, we understand that now more than ever, top Legal, Compliance and Regulatory experts are well-rounded business leaders, effective problem solvers and excellent negotiators. In addition to their vital role as trusted advisors, they are valued business partners who are responsive, innovative and focused on continuous improvement, making them critical members of leadership teams.
Bedford Group’s Legal, Compliance and Regulatory practice works closely with law firms and in-house legal teams. We have a strong track record helping to attract and retain exceptional senior legal talent who deliver long-term value. Our success is rooted in leveraging a robust executive search and talent sourcing process, employing proprietary assessment tools that ensure we find you exemplary legal talent. Globally, Bedford Group has completed numerous legal searches over the last decade, both within law firms and in-house. Our team of specialized search consultants consists of dedicated professionals with extensive experience.