Leaders overwhelmingly agree an organization’s culture has never been more essential to future success. The problem? Top teams don’t invest enough meaningful time on culture. The central question becomes why? That culture is perceived as a slippery and esoteric concept is the start of it. That measurement is largely ignored is also clearly part of it. But the heart of it? Top teams struggle in knowing how to have the culture conversation.

What is the Culture Workup?

Recognizing that you can’t manage what you don’t measure, the Culture Workup is a focused, half-day (four-hour) workshop that answers two critical questions:
1. What is today’s organizational culture?
2. To succeed tomorrow, what culture do we need?
The Culture Workup is a unique and compelling way to collaboratively engage the leadership team in creating a business-oriented culture map. The power of this process is that the map provides a clear visual image developed by the leadership team regarding the culture needed to win in tomorrow’s turbulent marketplace. This frames many key business imperatives such as strategy and the critical talent necessary for success.
At the end of the session the team will:
1. Understand why organization culture is a business imperative;
2. Be versed in how to have the culture conversation;
3. Have measured today’s and the future’s (needed) culture;
4. Have established priorities and allocated responsibilities;
5. Have reached consensus around the role culture plays in building future competitive advantage.
The workshop outcomes will be captured in a report that the client will receive shortly after the session.