Board & Governance

Diverse, inclusive, decisive and strategic Board members are of paramount importance, particularly as organizations face unprecedented uncertainty and scrutiny. Executive leadership teams are increasingly counting on Board members for guidance and seasoned judgment, while simultaneously, shareholders look to Boards to ensure their interests are safeguarded.
Bedford Group Transearch knows the best Boards offer a breadth of industry and functional expertise, coupled with authentic diversity and inclusion. That means a mix of genders, cultural backgrounds, ages and ideas, providing leadership teams with holistic perspectives to confront challenges and stay focused on growth by being innovative, digitally savvy, customer-centric and strategic.
At Bedford Group, we provide our clients with objective advice in selecting exceptional Board members. Using our proprietary tools, we are able to conduct Board and C-suite assessments. We also have in-depth experience providing counsel and reports regarding Board renumeration and governance, as well as advising Boards on talent strategy and acquisition, succession, retention and performance incentives. Globally, Bedford Group has completed hundreds of Board and Chair placements over the last decade.